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Women's Voices Changing the Middle East

The evening before International Women’s Day, March 7th, some of the most prominent women’s rights advocates in the Middle East will visit Oslo and the Nobel Peace Center. They will share their personal stories of activism, perseverance and resilience and discuss how women’s voices can change the Middle East.

Zaina Erhaim: Syrian journalist and director who trained hundreds of citizen journalists to expose the human cost of the war in Syria.

Yasmin El Nadheri: Yemeni regional development expert and the secretary general of Peace Track, working on global development at a local level.

Azadeh Pourzand: Iranian human rights expert and daughter of the celebrated Iranian women’s rights leader, Mehrangiz Kar.

The event is a cooperation between the Oslo Women's Rights Initiative, the Nobel Peace Center and Civita. It is sponsored by Stiftelsen Fritt Ord.

The event is free of charge and open to the public.

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Oslo Freedom Forum Mexico City
10:30 AM10:30

Oslo Freedom Forum Mexico City

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The experience of the Oslo Freedom Forum is coming to Latin America for the first time on February 26, 2019. Asma Khalifa will speak about the discrimination and violence against women she saw under Qaddafi's rule, and how she advocates for peace in her country by bringing people with opposing viewpoints together. Other speakers for this session will include Thor Halvorssen, Enrique Krauze, Edipcia Dubón and Xavier “Bonil” Bonilla.

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Soudeh Rad at Oslo Pride

“Pride House: the international bi+ family” panel featured Soudeh Rad in its discussion of bi identity, rights and organizing. Soudeh then joined ambassador Artur Wilczynski and the Mayor of Oslo in raising the rainbow flag at the Canadian Ambassador’s residence.

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Oslo Freedom Forum

The Initiative partnered with the Oslo Freedom Forum to put on “Her Body is a Battlefield: discriminatory laws, gendered violence”, a panel discussion featuring Azadeh Pourzand, Hana Al-Khamri and Aida Saadat. Panelists discussed common challenges and how women’s rights activists are coming together to strengthen their calls for gender equality.

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to Mar 24

Two-Day Workshop

This event is closed to the public
In collaboration with Ingrid Stange, the founder of Partnership for Change, the Oslo Women’s Rights Initiative will be holding a two-day workshop for 12 women’s rights activists. Participants will get the opportunity to meet & explore synergies, discuss the issues affecting them, and build collaborative projects. Our mission is to use our resources and alliances to help the women launch impactful initiatives, increasing their capacity to create a better world.

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Women in Charge: A new perspective on the Middle East through the lens of women’s rights leaders

The Oslo Women’s Rights Initiative has joined forces with the Nobel Peace Center and Civita to host its first public event on the evening of Thursday March 22. "Women in Charge: A new perspective on the Middle East through the lens of women’s rights leaders” will feature three prominent women’s rights activists who will share their personal experiences in individual talks and participate in a panel discussion moderated by Liv Tørres, the Director of the Nobel Peace Center.

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