Out and about in Oslo...

…at the Oslo Freedom Forum

The Initiative continued the conversation at the Oslo Freedom Forum with “Her Body is a Battlefield: discriminatory laws, gendered violence”, a panel discussion featuring Azadeh Pourzand, Hana Al-Khamri, and Aida Saadat. The fight to enshrine women’s rights in policy is a tricky creature, and the panel ranged over Saudi Arabia, Iran and worldwide. Elsewhere at OFF, Asma Khalifa gave the keynote speech. Check out the video below:

Libyan peace activist and researcher Asma Khalifa shares how she got involved in the struggle for her country's civil society during the Libyan Revolution. She explains the importance of efforts made by individuals to rebuild the country in times of war and destruction, including how she worked in a field hospital treating wounded soldiers from both sides of the conflict.

OFF was live-streamed, and the panel footage is now available! Check it out below:

On May 27, the Oslo Women's Rights Initiative teamed up with the Oslo Freedom Forum to host a panel discussion in Oslo on the ways discriminatory laws and practices are affecting the lives of women in the MENA region.