Women in Charge

Filmed on March 22nd, 2018, at the Nobel Peace Center, Oslo, Norway. In cooperation with Civita and the Oslo Women’s Rights initiative, we invite you to meet women’s rights activists from Libya, Iran, and Jordan at the Nobel Peace Center. What is the situation for women in countries with extreme gender equality issues? How can women activists from countries like these connect and cooperate to build lasting, sustainable change in the world? The Oslo Women’s Rights Initiative is an alliance of individuals and groups who support women’s rights activists from countries with extreme gender equality issues. The Initiative was launched in Oslo in March, where a group of prominent activists from countries including Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, and Libya came together to share their experiences.

Listen to the whole thing below:

You will meet three of the 2018 activists in this panel, held at the Nobel Peace Center. Nargess Tavassolian, daughter of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shirin Ebadi, is a journalist and legal analyst who has worked for several NGOs in Iran and is currently an anchor at Iran International News TV, analyzing gender equality issues and human rights violations. Asma Khalifa of Libya is an activist and researcher working on civil society and human rights, women’s rights and youth empowerment, and co-founder of the think tank Tamazight Women Movement. Afaf Jabiri, from Jordan, is senior lecturer at the School of Social Sciences at the University of East London, and author of the book ‘Gendered Politics and Law in Jordan: Guardianship over Women’. Afaf has more than 20 years of experience in advocating for gender equality, law, and policy reform in the Middle East. The three activists share their personal experiences in a panel discussion moderated by Liv Tørres, the Director of the Nobel Peace Center.

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